South Texas Symphony Association annual fundThe Valley Symphony Orchestra has enjoyed extraordinary growth over the past almost six decades.  Rio Grande Valley residents and visitors can now enjoy high-quality performances by their own orchestra under the baton of world-class Maestro Peter Dabrowski.

Building, and maintaining, an exceptional musical organization is a costly proposition, yet one that brings incalculable benefits to the community.  The benefits far outweigh the costs, especially in the fast-paced, modern society in which we live.  We have never been more in need of the great art of a Beethoven or a Tchaikovsky- their music is truly both consolation and inspiration during the most difficult of times.

The VSO has grown and thrived thanks to the exceptionally generous support of our patrons, and today more than ever that support is truly critical.  With expanding programs to better serve the Valley community come increasing costs- we need the support of each and every friend of the VSO to help us in giving the gift of great music to our community.

For today, for tomorrow, for the living legacy that is our orchestra- your support is absolutely critical to the continued successes of the cultural gem of the Rio Grande Valley.

On behalf of Maestro Peter Dabrowski and the VSO we ask you to consider a gift to the Valley Symphony Orchestra during the 2016-2017 Season.  Thank you for your generosity and continued support.