Edna De Saro

Honorary Gala Chair

Edna De Saro is the senior vice president and marketing director for Lone Star National Bank. She is a Valley native who has spent her career climbing the ranks of one of South Texas' hallmark financial institutions.  Edna attended Texas Christian University where she earned a BBA in Marketing. 

Edna grew up as an only child in a home with parents who gave her the love and guidance that carved her to be the person she is today. Her father, she proudly says, “taught me to be strong, independent and to have a heart as big and warm as the sun,” while her mother taught her “discipline, perseverance and the true meaning of unconditional love.” As a child, Edna recalls always being one to color outside the lines—she was outspoken, the peacemaker of the group and inquisitive beyond measure. But it wasn’t just having these qualities that she believes really gave her the drive to get where she is today. She credits drawing inspiration from her parents who did every single thing they could to ensure that she could have a life they could only dream of when growing up. It was that attitude that made her understand, from a very young age, that she had to earn an education and prepare herself for a better future. And so she did.

Edna became the first person in her family to graduate from college. Walking up the steps to receive her diploma, she says, was one of the proudest moments of her life. She knew her parents were looking on with a pride that was unrivaled; the fruits of their labor had finally blossomed. Edna highlights the importance of education when describing how it gave her the opportunity to turn back and provide for her mother when she needed her.

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