Friday, February 28, 2020


McAllen Performing Arts Center

801 Convention Center Blvd.

8:00 p.m.

Jared Broussard, trumpet













Scherzo Capriccioso, Op. 66

Trumpet Concerto

Jared Broussard, trumpet


The Big Country Suite

Main Title

The Welcoming

Old Thunder

The War Party Gathers - McKay In Blanco Canyon

End Title

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders March

- Arutunian's trumpet concerto is one of the most exciting and special pieces for a trumpet performer to play, as it showcases the wide range of the instrument. The composition relies on the sounds and structure of Armenian folk music for its distinctive melodies.

- The first section of the Raiders March has two distinct parts: the melody and the bridge. Williams had initially composed both as possibilities for the opening of the theme. When he approached Steven Spielberg (director of Raiders of the Lost Ark) with the selections, asking which one he would prefer, Spielberg loved them so much that he said, "Well, can't you use both?" And so Williams did, one in the melody section, and the other in the bridge!

- Dvořák wrote the Scherzo Capriccioso soon after his mother died, and some say that he wrote it to mourn and memorialize her (Dvořák himself never confirmed one way or the other).

Heart-stopping adventure and pulse-pounding melodies will take the Symphony on a musical journey to the corners of the earth and across the American West! The evening's program features themes from the Indiana Jones films (including Raiders of the Lost Ark), along with the VSO's own Jared Broussard performing Alexander Arutunian's exhilarating Trumpet Concerto.The Big Country Suite rounds out the concert, transporting listeners across the western plains in pursuit of the new frontier!


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